Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

Another big step of Web Hosting Sri Lanka. Today we have officially announced several shared web hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth. Actually is it Unlimited? No. Its full of dedicated server bandwidth. But it is more than a VPS package. Because this all packages will come with the cPanel and 40 cores xeon processor power with 64GB RAM. All your websites will be loading faster than others and the PEEK Hosting will be provided 14 days trail period before purchases if anyone needs.

However 10TB will be comes with all the packages and if your website reach 10TB, we manage to add another 10TB to the server. There are several packages. Disk Space, 500MB, 1GB, 3GB, etc etc.. you can see Shared Hosting Unlimited Packages here. This packages mostly suitable for businesses and no need to think about your monthly transfer rate. Try 1 and feel it..


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