Start your own Web Hosting Company

Today I’m going to tell you how to start a web hosting company easy and make your online money with correct way. Actually at the start you can’t invest high amount of dollars for a dedicated server, and you can improve the rating of your site with the help of Seo Companies in Texas that you can locate online. However, there are several things you should have cover up. I will note down there.

  • Server Space
  • WHM / cPanel License
  • WHMCS License

Basically those are the minimum requirements and I will tell you how much you should invest monthly for your started company. Now a day. good linux dedicated server will cost you around 150$ per month and WHM License will be cost you 45$ and WHMCS Licence (Unlimited Clients) will cost you 40$ per month. It is the minimum requirements and it is really costly than you thinking. But today I’m going to tell you a good new that you can start your own white lable / your own branded web hosting company by investing around 40$ per month.

Is it not cheap? Yeah actually that is a good price. We offer you our web hosting reseller packages include, WHM, WHMCS and High performed Server Space. Additionally with the reseller package you will have Unlimited SSL certificates and a Backup Server also for your hosting spaces. Visit our Reseller page and see our prices… When you purchase your own package, you can configure all of them by having some helps by our staff and earn money after selling web hosting packages to your clients. Very recently I had a meeting with a client that wanted to run a website on alternative medicine. When discussing this topic we were covering the fact that many people go straight for conventional medicine for any common ailment without considering any alternatives. It was during this conversation that I realized that I was one such person. Here you can find their website where we will be reviewing alternative medicine. I hope you find the experience as informative and eye-opening as I did.

Good luck !

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