How to Migrate WordPress Website between Two Host

Most of the guys actually don’t know how to migrate wordpress website correctly between two hosting site or change domain. After do their regular method, website visibility will be gone. You will get many errors and many layout issues. The reason is wordpress is using serialize data in the database sometimes. When you export it by the phpmyadmin, those serialize data might be loss. That would be the reason you can’t get your actual layout after the migration. So I’m going to tell you how to do this method properly without loosing any of data.

Complete steps to Migrate WordPress Website between two Hosting Space.

So, I will note down, two web hosting provider as Host A and Host B. Think like you wanted to change the domain also like to

  1. First, install this Plugin to your current wordpress website. Database Migration Plugin.
  2. Create Full cPanel Backup in Host A and Keep it on there for use it if you got a mistake. (Login cPanel > Backups > Create full backup)
  3. Now login to wp-admin and settings > wp migrate. and download a current database by the plugin and keep it safe in your hard drive. (DB-A)
  4. Get a full file backup of public_html folder and download in the same place of your database is placed.
  5. Get a database backup from the phpmyadmin also and save it. (DB-B)
  6. Now lets transfer everything to Host B.
  7. Upload public_html folder backup to Host B and extract it in correct place.
  8. Create Database and User and set permission all by cPanel and note down all those information in a correct place.
  9. Open public_html and import your database (DB-A) to the database.
  10. Open public_html/wp-config.php file and edit your database configuration settings and save it.
  11. If you don’t need to change your domain name, everything done. After changing nameservers, your new host will be work.

Now there are several steps if you need to change your domain name also.

  1. After done all above steps, open phpmyadmin and open the database and there is a table like wp-options. Open it.
  2. Edit the base URL two domain name as per your required domain names.
  3. Now, open wp-admin and settings > wp-migrate tool.
  4. Select Replace button.
  5. And there will be see four text boxes and change your all fields as you needed and press replace.  Check my image.

After that everything will work for your new domain. WordPress migration is 100% done.

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