How to configure domain with server?

When you type your domain name on your web browser’s address bar, it must be pointed to your web server and load your website as well. So there is small DNS setting changes in the domain admin panel. I will tell you how to do it today. First of all, login to your clientarea if you purchase the domain from PEEK Hosting. Open your domain list…

Domain list of peek hosting

Now press down arrow in right side.

Manage Nameservers


Press the Manege Nameservers in that drop down and you will get a another page to setup name servers. Now place the 4 nameservers in there… In the PEEK Hosting, nameservers are,,, If you purchased your webspace from other place, ask them about the nameservers and update as them. Within several hours your domain will be pointed to the web server and the web server already has the DNS setting of your domain. Now everything finished and now there is only upload site to the space. If you does not have any of linux shared web hosting package or domain, your can purchase it easy.


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