How to buy web space from Internet?

Most of the peoples still don’t know how to purchase a web hosting space from the internet by them self. They are thinking that it is hard but it is the easier thing you know? Today I will teach you how to purchase a web server space for your purchased domain name. For a website, there are 3 options. Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. As a starter I recommend shared hosting because of it is cheaper, easy to manage, and easy to understand. Now we can purchase a Cheap Web Hosting Sri Lanka …¬†When you get lot of traffic, lot of visitors, you can follow VPS or Dedicated server.

You can see that there are several packages for your website. Disk Space and Monthly Bandwidth is the different between these packages. Disk space mean you can only use that space for the website and monthly bandwidth mean, your upload and download monthly transfer limit. Every month your bandwidth count will be renewed.

Same as the process of domain order and you can submit an order to a shared hosting package also.

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After submit the order, make payment via paypal and suddenly your hosting package will be activated and you will get several emails also. Read your account information email carefully and login to the cPanel.

I will teach you how to configure the domain with your cPanel in next article.


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