Fivlytics – Fiverr Keyword Analytics and Rank Checker Tool

Ranking a gig on the first page for the targeted keywords is the main goal of every freelancer. Accordingly, finding good keywords enables you to rank your gig on the first page easily. Since Fiverr is now established and has become a platform for thousands of freelancers to sell their service, it has
become difficult to compete with common keywords. So the need is to find less competitive, but good keywords similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But how and where do you get insights for keyword usage on Fiverr? Fiverr currently does not provide any keyword suggestions or analytics in this regards. So Fiverr sellers are searching for keyword analytics tools and gig rank checking tools which helps you to extract the information such as how many gigs available, pro seller count, ratings, package prices and country wise breakdowns.

Article contents

  1. Introducing
  2. How to analyze keywords through
  3. How to select a good keyword for your gig.
  4. How to analyze your gig Rank with the fivlytics gig rank checker.
  5. Using the fivlytics chrome extension for buyer requests identification, notifications and analytics.

Introducing fivlytics – Free Fiverr Keywords analytics and gig ranking Tool

Fivlytics is an assistant tool for Fiverr sellers. It provides keyword analytics, gig rank checking and SEO tools for Fiverr sellers. Their standalone algorithms analyses data Fiverr related data on buying, selling and SEO to generate results which provides a Fiverr seller with information on how to find their gig rank and insights into keywords used.

The site provides the following information,
• Seller Count
• Online Sellers
• Gig Count
• Pro Seller Count
• Ratings of Sellers
• Gigs By Countries
• Rankings and Feedback
• Price Range of Gigs

  1. How to analyses a keyword on
    fivlytics is very simple and easy to use. You don’t need to sign up and it is 100% free. Follow the below steps;
  2. Visit the Fivlytics website –
  3. Enter your username and target keyword
  4. Click “Analyze Keyword”.
  5. Now you can get lots of information about the keyword and your position in the search page.
    Please note that this tool only gives you information about first 100 results of the search page. If your gig is not within first 100, tool gives keyword insights but your position is not shown. Here are some example results I got using Fiverr keyword analytics tool for logo animation keyword.
  6. How to find a good keyword for your gig
    If you are a newbie and your gig is new, it is better to start from less competitive long tail keywords. This is the similar strategy we used in new blogs SEO. If you make a gig for graphic design, it has very less chance to rank on first page. But you can use derived or similar keyword which may not come to your mind at once.
    As an example the alternatives for the above keyword are logo design for companies, logo for website, logo design for business cards. These keywords leads to a specific job. When someone comes to Fiverr and search about logo design and saw lots of high price gigs with lots of pending orders, they go for a specified search. Then if you have a gig for that long word, you win the game!

Keyword Suggestions
Fiverr keyword analytics tool has a cool feature called keyword suggestions. This gives you similar related key phrases which people searched on Fiverr. This is an untold secret that people are interested about those phrases. You need to grab those key phrases and do analyze on fivlytics. You may find a keyword with,

  • Less or no top ranked sellers
  • Gig count is less
  • Less online users
  • Small price range
  • High ratings (Means lots of customers)
    Those are the keywords you need to focus when creating your gig. So you can focus on the phrase and main keyword to make a gig. If you are good at SEO Optimized Article Writing, then you can easily earn a top rank on search pages.
    Creating multiple gigs for related keywords are also helpful if you are using this tool. You can find lots of similar keywords related to your target keyword. Some people use this strategy also.
  1. How to analyze your gig Rank with the fivlytics gig rank checker
    Tracking your gig ranking process should be a daily mantra for fiverr sellers to make sure that they are positioned in the most optimum place to catch the eye of buyers. Knowing this enables a seller to carry out a study of his/her gig and identify areas that need to be improved to rank on top.
    Fivlytics provides the ability for sellers to see from a buyers perspective what position their gig is displayed according to the keyword the buyer searched. This is valuable information to do what was stated above. Fivlytics standalone data collectors collect fiverr search results based on user queries and popularity and cache it on our data storage. Caches are refreshed accordingly to provide reliable data.
    Using the gig rank checker is simple as the following steps:
  2. Log in to fivlytics –
  3. Go to gig rank checker tool
  4. Type in your fiverr username and the keyword that you wish to rank for,
  5. And review the results and analyze your gig rank position.
  6. Using the fivlytics chrome extension for buyer requests identification, notifications and analytics.
    Sellers are able to install the chrome extension which provides additional capabilities which help to enhance the quality of delivery to the buyer and the overall efficiency of the seller’s activities. The following are the functions that come along with the chrome extension.
  • View Buyer Profile URL on the buyer requests page; Enabling the seller to identify the buyer and respond accordingly. As sellers often don’t know from whom the buy request is from. Fivlytics provides the details of the buyer to which the seller can send a personalized response giving him/her an edge over the other sellers.
  • Notification & Unread Message Reminder (On-Page & Off-Page); The seller will be able to receive notifications from fiverr even if the seller is not logged into his/her account as the tool check for unread notifications periodically. As responding quickly means the likelihood of gaining buy requests quickly by clarifying any questions, responding to buyers is a crucial factor for a seller.
  • Search Bar for Keyword Analytics:’ You can type “fiv” in the Google Chrome Search Bar and press tab to enter Keyword Analytics Mode. You can type any keyword and hit Enter to open fivlytics website with keyword insights

Since fivlytics is a free, simple and smart tool, you can use it daily and keep your eye on ranking variations. Use the above strategies and increase your sales via Fiverr Gig Rank Checker Tool
Happy earning!

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